diggin in crates


great music is an experience. to be digested as a singular event. digital music, convenient, far too simple to find and compile. taken for granted. forcing music to co-exist as a complimentary experience, adjacent to the completion of menial tasks or enhance another. no longer THE event.

nostalgia always persist. whether clamouring for the good days of the nba or reminiscing on the greatness of saturday morning cartoons (even though in hindsight some weren’t that great). relfection on the past conjures memories of bliss, reflection good days.

reflection comes in many forms, mine has come on12-inch vinyls. revival of the pure sound. procuring a record player was not difficult. growing up in a household of music junkies, just needed to pry a lonesome record player from the bowels of the household. with a record player in hand, finding albums became the difficulty. on vinyl contemporary music is easy, most far more expensive than their digital counterparts. however adventure does not lie in the common place, it rests with the unknown, a chance at glory. the discovery of that which resides in dark huddled spaces. born was a hobby, diggin in crates.

several spots in ottawa offer the luxury of such a hobby. turning point, vertigo records, compact music to name a few. the journey now involves marauding for treasures.

to date, the trove includes 5, with more to be found:

File:Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.jpg bob dylan’s greatest hits – turning point

bob dylan’s greatest hits II– turning point

File:Beatles19671970.jpg the beatles 1967-1970 – parent’s basement

 silvio rodriguez – parent’s basement

File:BestOfBBVol2.jpg best of the beach boys vol 2 – parent’s basement


tunes: new

last week saw the release of two new albums of importance: the shins – port of morrow and daniel rossen (of grizzly bear) – silent hour/golden mile ep.

both have experienced solid careers, established during the aughts, with stellar albums. the shins made their mark with oh inverted world, new slang, and chutes too narrow, saint simon. pitchfork says it best with “‘perfect distillation of the shins’ back catalog– the jangly, wistful airs of Oh, Inverted WorldChutes Too Narrow‘s genre-resistant playfulness, Wincing the Night Away‘s expansively detailed production“. port of morrow covers all those spectrum’s. it is a fantastic album to sit, rise and fall. james mercer is a talented dude and this latest album is unequivocal proof of that.


rifle’s spiral

as for daniel rossen. along with his bandmates of grizzly bear, he retreated to plot his return. their last effort veckatimest was, and is, a fantastic listen. tracks like two weeks, covered by childish gambino, and while you wait for the others, to me, are classics of modern music.  their sound is vast and, yet, serene. for those eagerly anticipating new grizzly bear, silent hour/golden mile ep quenches that appetite. with “madness all around“, “there’s bliss in this mess”.

silent song

saint nothing

ball: march madness

march madness, the most wonderful time of the year. back in the days when i was a teenager, before i had a cellphone, i never had a pager. a ways away, on campus, march madness brought more joy than anything else…(thinking)…perhaps food from home (remains up for debate). memories of sitting in Bear, watching Nichols drain buzzer-beater 3’s for maryland and exit stage right. classes skipped, 12 hours of ball, screams from down the hall. it was the best of times, during the best of times and continues as the best of times, the madness of march.

tunes: 10

my growth as a purveyor of music has led me down the yellow brick road of indie music. each day is a highlight of new tunes. the following are the top 10 songs in rotation.

bison – switzerland

i visit wearehunted for emerging indie artists. wandered into bison and immediately loved the back woods sounds.

black keys – little black submarines

quite possibly my fav black keys song, which is such a ridiculous statement with a catalogue as stacked as theirs. little black submarines is awesome. no really, awesome. really awesome

chad vangaalen – peace on the rise

at the whalesbone, soft airplane played in the background. made my night. chad is an example how great the canadian indie music scene is.

head and the heart – coeur d’alene

a late nominee as one of my fav albums of 2011. very mellow, creating a great mindspace as i go about my day.

the national –  looking for astronauts

the national is one of the best bands out there for years. their rhythm pulsates from the very soft, to electric; a passionate cry for ears. this song highlights my discovery of the national.

neutral milk hotel – ghost

i can’t believe i’ve just discovered them and this is their last album. luckily lead singer jeff mangum has been spotted performing in 2012. hoping he’ll be mozieing up north.

st. vincent – strangers

discovered st. vincent randomly on grooveshark. went through her whole catalogue and was mesmerized.

state radio – keepsake

beautiful song. lovely and  relaxing.

we invented paris – a view that almost kills

i as well would like to be on top of a mountain, listening to tunes, having a snowball fight and swinging on a swing.

wye oak – holy, holy

i enjoy this song as much, or more, than a ride on a swing carousel.

story: nixon drives lennon to adultery

nixon had a negative impact on many individuals. never thought it would result in this kind of impact.

Lennon’s adultery pact: When John left Yoko for a year of reckless debauchery he told her ‘you must take a lover too’

John Lennon and May Pang

In New York, where they lived, they were invited to a party at the home of a Left-wing activist on the night of Richard Nixon’s re- election to the White House in 1972.

Upset at Nixon winning again, John was totally out of his head on drugs, pills and drink.

Yoko recalls a girl there, ‘not the kind you’d ever think John would be attracted to. She didn’t come on to him at all, but he just pulled her and went into the next room’.

As the grunts and groans of her husband having sex with another woman came through the wall, somebody put on a Bob Dylan record to try to drown the noise and spare Yoko’s blushes ‘but we heard it anyway’.
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capture: zidane

can any athlete aspire to a career better than zinedine zidane? winner of uefa champions leagueworld cupballon d’or and one memorable headbutt.


The resin sculpture “Coup de tête” channels a historic moment of broadcast violence as French footballer Zinedine Zidane headbutts Italy’s Marco Materazzi. “L’avenir c’est aux fantômes” (“The Future Belongs to Ghosts”) is a reference to Derrida’s concept of phenomena, the title pulled from the philosopher’s own writing. The gorgeous hand-blown sculptures are raised well above eye-level, heightening their spectral appearance as they are framed against the gallery’s skylights.

via coolhunting.com

politics: turkmenistan, cult of personality

i enjoy reading politics and talking politics. always leads to interesting discussions. in politics, anything is possible, even this.


Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov spent his first months in office in 2007 reversing some of the more controversial policies of his predecessor, Saparmurat Niyazov.

He reopened rural hospitals, for example, and expanded access to the Internet (albeit with severe restrictions).

And in one of the most visible changes, he began dismantling the former president’s personality cult. Berdymukhammedov, who came to power following Niyazov’s death in December 2006,  ordered the removal of the numerous monuments and portraits of his predecessor in towns and cities across the country.

He also restored the original names of the months that Niyazov had renamed after himself and his mother.

But it wasn’t long before Berdymukhammedov, who won a second term as president on February 12 with a decisive 97 percent of the vote, starting following in Niyazov’s footsteps, building a personality cult of his own.

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eats: whalesbone retail shop

previously, i documented my efforts in discovering ideal eats during daily lunchtime excursions. these excursions have taken me to the furthest reaches of centretown (30min from the tether of a barely functional pc) in search new eats and delicious treats. after 4 years, one location eluded me, however today…today it eluded me no longer.

enter whalesbone: the retail shop (or so I did). on the fringes of possible excursions, beyond the convenience of bank, the market and across the perils of gladstone, comes a brownbag lunch fit for a keyboard jockey.

a handful of options…the catch of the day i chose, walleye. breaded, thrown on a bun with toppings to accompany its final journey, into my gullet.

available are sandwiches and soups, ranging from $6-$11. The location allows for consumption on the premises, however rickety chairs may present an obstacle.