about: my tattoo

my appreciation for the art form started on a trip to new york city years ago. i couldn’t help but remark those around clothed in tattoos, existing as an expression of fashion, art and in particular themselves. no matter where i went, there they were: small, large, sleeves, full colour, black; shattering my traditionally held belief that this was not art but a representation of malfeasance. no longer did i fear them, i was intrigued and drawn.

the interest lingered, waning back and forth as time went by. although lovely to admire, it was to be admired on someone else. never had i thought this interest would translate to putting ink to skin. that was until the day prior to new year’s, in at Bistro Kapzak sherbrooke.

tall, curvy, blonde, with all the grace and elegance one could expect from a goddess. hugged by a short silver dress repelling the light from the heavens in a sun brimmed hat, shrouding her in both mystery and reverence. there she was, a sight to behold. her beauty, however, is not the moral of this story. by her side, in sharp contrast of what was the monotone fixture of the dress, was one of the most colourful and beautiful tattoos i’ve ever seen. the dress and hat spoke of her impeccable style, the tattoo uttered the same.

the idea was cemented, the issue: an image which bests represents who i am, where i’m from and where i’m going. an image that is both footnote and thesis.

in may, with a concept firmly in place, i sought to imprint who i am in the place where i am from. on vacation to cuba, i saw havana in a light that very few in the outside world see, the one the castro’s refuse to acknowledge. riding shotgun in a moskvitch, with my cousin at the helm, we cruised the streets of el vedado, el cerro and marianao until arriving in playa to meet Alain. with idea in mind and a photo reference, we talked about styles, positioning. “how long”? 30min was all he needed, he said.

with my mind racing to embrace this new experience, he set my mind at ease with a strong cuban coffee prepared in his mothers kitchen. he sketched out the image with a marker and away we went.

in an effort of sincerity, the sensation rattled me. upsetting my stomach and seeking the end. through realizing how much of it was mental, i was able to set it aside. Alain completed his work in 30min exactly and the result is something i’ve been proud of ever since.

currently representing a small piece of the puzzle, i am hopeful more will accompany it. the image carries a thousand words, far too many for this medium. it is the representation of brian molerio as of may 19, 2012 at 12:25pm, playa, la habana, cuba.


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