diggin in crates


great music is an experience. to be digested as a singular event. digital music, convenient, far too simple to find and compile. taken for granted. forcing music to co-exist as a complimentary experience, adjacent to the completion of menial tasks or enhance another. no longer THE event.

nostalgia always persist. whether clamouring for the good days of the nba or reminiscing on the greatness of saturday morning cartoons (even though in hindsight some weren’t that great). relfection on the past conjures memories of bliss, reflection good days.

reflection comes in many forms, mine has come on12-inch vinyls. revival of the pure sound. procuring a record player was not difficult. growing up in a household of music junkies, just needed to pry a lonesome record player from the bowels of the household. with a record player in hand, finding albums became the difficulty. on vinyl contemporary music is easy, most far more expensive than their digital counterparts. however adventure does not lie in the common place, it rests with the unknown, a chance at glory. the discovery of that which resides in dark huddled spaces. born was a hobby, diggin in crates.

several spots in ottawa offer the luxury of such a hobby. turning point, vertigo records, compact music to name a few. the journey now involves marauding for treasures.

to date, the trove includes 5, with more to be found:

File:Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.jpg bob dylan’s greatest hits – turning point

bob dylan’s greatest hits II– turning point

File:Beatles19671970.jpg the beatles 1967-1970 – parent’s basement

 silvio rodriguez – parent’s basement

File:BestOfBBVol2.jpg best of the beach boys vol 2 – parent’s basement


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