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last week saw the release of two new albums of importance: the shins – port of morrow and daniel rossen (of grizzly bear) – silent hour/golden mile ep.

both have experienced solid careers, established during the aughts, with stellar albums. the shins made their mark with oh inverted world, new slang, and chutes too narrow, saint simon. pitchfork says it best with “‘perfect distillation of the shins’ back catalog– the jangly, wistful airs of Oh, Inverted WorldChutes Too Narrow‘s genre-resistant playfulness, Wincing the Night Away‘s expansively detailed production“. port of morrow covers all those spectrum’s. it is a fantastic album to sit, rise and fall. james mercer is a talented dude and this latest album is unequivocal proof of that.


rifle’s spiral

as for daniel rossen. along with his bandmates of grizzly bear, he retreated to plot his return. their last effort veckatimest was, and is, a fantastic listen. tracks like two weeks, covered by childish gambino, and while you wait for the others, to me, are classics of modern music.  their sound is vast and, yet, serene. for those eagerly anticipating new grizzly bear, silent hour/golden mile ep quenches that appetite. with “madness all around“, “there’s bliss in this mess”.

silent song

saint nothing


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