tunes: 10

my growth as a purveyor of music has led me down the yellow brick road of indie music. each day is a highlight of new tunes. the following are the top 10 songs in rotation.

bison – switzerland

i visit wearehunted for emerging indie artists. wandered into bison and immediately loved the back woods sounds.

black keys – little black submarines

quite possibly my fav black keys song, which is such a ridiculous statement with a catalogue as stacked as theirs. little black submarines is awesome. no really, awesome. really awesome

chad vangaalen – peace on the rise

at the whalesbone, soft airplane played in the background. made my night. chad is an example how great the canadian indie music scene is.

head and the heart – coeur d’alene

a late nominee as one of my fav albums of 2011. very mellow, creating a great mindspace as i go about my day.

the national –  looking for astronauts

the national is one of the best bands out there for years. their rhythm pulsates from the very soft, to electric; a passionate cry for ears. this song highlights my discovery of the national.

neutral milk hotel – ghost

i can’t believe i’ve just discovered them and this is their last album. luckily lead singer jeff mangum has been spotted performing in 2012. hoping he’ll be mozieing up north.

st. vincent – strangers

discovered st. vincent randomly on grooveshark. went through her whole catalogue and was mesmerized.

state radio – keepsake

beautiful song. lovely and  relaxing.

we invented paris – a view that almost kills

i as well would like to be on top of a mountain, listening to tunes, having a snowball fight and swinging on a swing.

wye oak – holy, holy

i enjoy this song as much, or more, than a ride on a swing carousel.


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