ball: the curious case of j.lin and the knicks

figured i join the chorus of voices singing praise to jeremy lin, the 6’3’’ asian-american pg out of harvard. he embodies the fairy tales i grew up with: a young man from humble beginnings on an improbable journey, rejected and cast aside until one day he perseveres on the world’s greatest stage and wins the affection of the masses (SPANIARD, SPANIARD). it’s like a movie. although, i am skeptical that his reign may last long enough to see the return of msg’s rightful heir and his 39% FG%. for the time being, i shall enjoy the populist cries for this unlikely hero as he wages war on the battlefields of madison square garden.

part two: an email conversation on lin and the ghastly nature of the knicks.

me: Have you been hearing about this Jeremy Lin, who is now the saviour of the Knicks? It is absolutely confusing. All the money spent on 3 guys, it is a 2nd year asian-american PG who will bring a championship to New York (and balance to the force)?

While Denver (or George Karl’s Frankenstein) is running things with no star, rather a group of role players. For all these big names on big teams, I like what Denver is doing.

(excerpt from The Sports Guy’s NBA All-Star Team: Anthony, who stunk this season (for him) and shouldn’t be starting for anything except for the Ewing Theory team. (Right now, he’s making history as a Double Ewing Theory candidate. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.)

#2: Yeah…I saw that kid yesterday for the first time, throwing up all kinds of nonsense layups and making them with remarkable ease. MSG was going crazy for J-Lin. Love it. But, I’m afraid he’s setting his own bar pretty fricken high with those types of debuts… Still though, respect. As for Denver, I love them. Especially considering George Karl and his thumbprint on that team’s makeup. For me, there is nothing better than unsung heroes, role players and walk-on grinders who end up making it big. Those guys are far more likely to stay humble and relish the opportunities they are given (exceptions do exist though see: Willy Beaman, Any Given Sunday).

me: As far as Lin, he’s not always going to play that way, but it’s good to see the Knicks play someone who is trying hard and not crowned already. I have never liked Stoudemire, refused to rank him ahead of Bosh, based on his refusal to play defense and Nash, who put the ball where he needed it to be every time. Carmelo is a volume scorer like AI, he can’t play with other stars because he’s a black hole. Wade and LeBron are different because LeBron has the tendency to defer and pass; plus they’re friends and like each other (which is huge). Melo and Amaré have egos, it is like Team USA teams before the last two, full of talent but no trust in each other and no chemistry. Paul to the Clippers is different because he is a pass first player, which everyone loves.

I hate the Knicks team, the individuals are great, but as a team, they stink. Add young guys who want theirs plus no defense equals a mess. J.Lin might be their saviour.

#2: Apparently J-Lin has been sleeping on his bro’s couch because his contract future was up in the air. Now, he is set to earn approx. $800,000…he deserves more based on publicity alone.

me: I heard that. His bros’ and Landry Fields’ couch, while still dropping 25ppg and 8apg. Imagine if he had a nice bed. His success is such a great story and he has been doing it against some of the best pg in the game.

Personally, I love Linsanity. The guy has done nothing but be a professional and try his hardest; people are loving it. It is one of the best little guy stories out there and I really hope he continues to succeed.

Linsanity is better than any hype created over LeBron, Melo or Stoudemire. Plus, Linsanity is better than the ill faded Vinsanity, which I can only pray it does not happen to Lin.


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